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We believe in moving forward the key technology milestones in AI & Robotics in a “Mission Mode” model. We look for the intersection of societal scale impact, economic sustainability and technology challenges in choosing our problems.

XraySetu is an artificial intelligence driven chest x-ray interpretation service over WhatsApp for doctors. It is cloud-hosted service that analyzes chest x-rays sent over WhatsApp using machine learning algorithms and generates patient report with suspicious abnormal region in the lungs and detects if the person is likely positive for COVID, pneumonia, or other lung abnormalities.

  1. Take a picture of the Chest X-Ray of a suspended patient.
  2. Send the X-ray picture over WhatsApp to XraySetu (+91 80 4616 3838).
  3. A four-digit number is assigned to you for easy reference.
  4. XraySetu AI service generates a detailed report with a likelihood of COVID-19 and 14 different lung abnormalities along with their markings is generated.
  5. You will receive the machine-generated patient report on the WhatsApp chat within approximately 30 minutes. This report delivery time might vary in case of high volume.
  • Send ‘Hello’ (or any text) as a message to the XraySetu number on WhatsApp.
  • A welcome message will be displayed with a web link to the terms and conditions for you to read and accept the conditions. Click on the ‘I Agree’ button.
  • You can now start using service by sending x-ray images to the XraySetu number.

On clicking ‘I don’t agree’, the X-ray submission and report generation service will not be available. You can still chat with the chatbot. And, whenever you want to start using the service follow the registration guidelines.

Yes, this service is offered free to help in your fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

XraySetu currently supports only the chest X-ray images

No, we support only chest x-ray image

Please follow these guidelines:

  • Put the X-ray film on a white light viewer or on a white cloth
  • The film should be vertical-head up
  • Ensure, the clips on the X-ray films are not covering the chest region.
  • Ensure the mobile camera is in front of the X-ray film.
  • Ensure, you are close to the X-ray film such that the X-ray image seen from the camera lens occupies more than 90% of the view area.
  • Ensure, both the left and right lungs are fully visible and clearly visible.
  • Ensure, there is no light source (tube-light etc.) reflecting from the film

Ensure, the X-ray is looking sharp and focused well.

The report will be sent within 30 minutes of the x-ray image submission on the day between 9 am and 6 pm. In case of high volume, the report may be delayed. During other times, the report could take long than 30 minutes.

Currently, XraySetu doesn’t support this feature.

There is no limit on the number of x-ray images to be submitted.

No, there is no limit on the number of Doctors using this service.

We expect doctors (and their lab technicians) to use this, since they are best placed to take pictures in an appropriate manner and also interpret the automated results.

This service is intended for doctors to aid in identification of lung diseases and is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. The generated report must be examined by a physician in conjunction with persisting symptoms, and other clinical/diagnostic information available about the patient. Accordingly, this report is not meant to be shared with the patient or any other entity.

Send ‘stop’ as a text message to the XraySetu number on WhatsApp.

Say ‘Hi’ to register again.

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